umer-sharifUmer Sharif will host ‘Ramzan Hamara Emaan’ show on AAJ TV and PlayMax from first Ramzan till the end of Ramzan. During Ramzan exclusive Ramzan transmissions are aired live from every channel and the spirit of Ramzan is celebrated with respect and honor. AAJ TV is doing Ramzan transmission since many years and this time Umer Sharif will be the host. In the previous year it was hosted by Muzna Ibrahim, Shahood Alvi and Nusrat Haris.

There is a great responsibility on the hosts doing Ramzan transmissions and making efforts to do their best in hosting. Religious scholars will be called in the show as guests for Islamic conversation. ‘Ramzan Hamara Emaan’ will be telecasted at 2am to 4am for sehar transmission and at 3pm to 7:30pm for iftar transmission daily.

The transmission will focus to learn true spirit of Islam and improve ourselves in light of Quran and Hadith in this holy month of Ramzan. Actor, comedian and host Umer Sharif will be seen doing Ramzan transmissions daily on AAJ TV and PlayMax. The promo of thr program had already hit the air waves.