Wrong NoEid ul Fitr is considered as the main business event for not only Pakistani cinema industry but also for the Bollywood film industry and this is the reason that many big budget films are released on Eid. As Pakistani cinema industry is fighting for its survival, two big films Wrong Number and Bin Roye, are set to be released this Eid ul Fitr. Premieres of both the films have been started all over the country and cast of both the films are participating in these event.

People from all over the country are criticizing the producers and directors of both the movies for organizing the premieres and other promotional activities in the last Ashra of Ramazan. People have expressed their concern on this issue and stated that the last Ashra of Ramzan is the most important period of this Holy month and Muslims are engaged in spiritual practices. It is not fear to organize such kinds of events related with the entertainment during these days.

Public have requested the film makers and cast of all the films to postponed the premieres and other promotional activities so that they would also engaged in religious activities to be blessed in this Holy month.