MQMExclusive report on BBC about the alleged crimes of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is widely discussed not only on Pakistani electronic and print media, but also caused a stir in the corridors of politics. According to the latest reports of Pakistani news channels, Interior Ministry has written a letter to the British Government and asked them to provide evidences of MQM involvement in the serious crimes. Ministry has also asked them to provide the proof of alleged funding by RAW to the MQM for fulfilling their interests.

On social media, many people have associated this story with the Axact fake degree scandal and raised serious questions on the double standards of Interior Ministry on both the cases. Social media activists have raised the point that after NY Times story on Axact fake degree scandal, the Interior Ministry had taken serious steps including arresting board of directors along with the CEO of Axact, freezing all the bank accounts and took several PCs in their custody.

But on the other hand, Interior Ministry has not taken any step against MQM and in fact it is far more serious charges than Axact fake degree scandal, social media activist states.

It is to be noted that the employees of Bol Network and Axact have not even paid their previous month salaries due to freeze bank accounts.