Jurassic WorldBlockbuster Hollywood science fiction film Jurassic World leads on the box office with more than half million dollar business within very few days and creating new records of popularity worldwide. But on the social media, a 5 to 10 minute scene is circulating widely nowadays and people are requesting the others to boycott the film. It has been claimed on the social media circle that the film is against the Pakistanis and spread racial prejudice in the controversial scene.

In that 5 to 10 minute proclaimed controversial scene, one character of the film shouted that “The pachys are out of containment”, and the word “Pachys” is considered as “Paki’s”, which is used for the Pakistanis in the western world. However, the reality is totally against this controversy and the character is actually mean to say Pachycephalosaurus, which is a genus of Dinosaurs. When many Pachycephalosaurus dinosaurs have escaped and get out of control, character of the film called them as “Pachys”, as a short form.

After watching the film, many people on social media expressed anger on the scene and famous Muslim comedian Guzzy Bear also called to boycott the film in his recently released video.

It is to be noted that Jurassic World is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series which was released on 12th of June worldwide.