Bol ProtestRamzan Kareem is started now in the whole world including Pakistan with all its blessings and colours but employees of Bol Network have not even got their previous salary. This situation is created just because of actions of FIA against Axact and Bol Network. FIA had freeze all the bank accounts of Axact and Bol Network and that is why organization is unable to pay salaries to all the employees of both the organizations. Their medical allowance and other benefits have been closed due to freeze ban accounts and employees of both the organizations have serious concerns on this issue.

 On the other hand, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and other journalist unions have also demanded the government to unfreeze the bank accounts of Bol Network and Axact so that they can receive their salaries. Journalist unions have also asked the government to unblock the transmission of Bol News for freedom of expression.

Previously, Federal Minister of Information Pervaiz Rashid had insured PFUJ that the salaries of all Bol Network employees will be paid within a week but the issue has not been resolved yet. The employees of Bol Network and Axact have serious concerns over this situation and they are facing serious crises.

Now it is the duty of the government to issue the salaries of Bol and Axact employees until and unless the issue is not been resolved.