Waseem Badami’s 11th Hour Program to Restart on ARY News

Seasoned Anchorperson Waseem Badami will restart his program 11th hour on ARY News. The program will restart on 11th of May and will be aired Monday through Thursday at 11:05pm on ARY News. The schedule will be the same which previously was while his stay at ARY News. Waseem Badami recently joined back ARY News after a short stay... more →
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BOL Network Gives Farewell Party to Waseem Badami

BOL Network recently bid farewell to Waseem Badami who left BOL Network few days ago. The farewell was attended by a number of prominent office bearers of BOL Group and Axact. Chairman and CEO Axact and BOL Media Group Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was also present along with Mr. Viqas Atiq who is Vice Chairman and COO of Axact and BOL... more →
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Why Waseem Badami Quit Bol Network? Reason Revealed

tv anchor Waseem Badami
Senior TV host Waseem Badami has left Bol Network due to disputes with the higher management of Channel, sources told Pakistan Media Updates. He joined Bol News in October last year performing duties as Executive Vice President and senior anchorperson. Bol Network tweeted about Waseem Badami’s resignation and gave him best wishes... more →
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