Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mehwish Hayat Endorse LINE App

Line TVC
Popular and talented artists of Pakistani showbiz industry Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mehwish Hayat have endorsed Line App in the new television commercial. Both the commercials are very attractive with the slogan “Lagta hai Line pe aana hi parega”. Hamza Ali Abbasi is playing the similar role of an actor in this TVC, where he is recalling... more →
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Mehwish Hayat Shows Angriness on Social Media Fans

Social media has become a common path to comment at any one as people are used to comment at any personality, celebrity, politician etc. Social media allows people to stay connect with celebrities in order to get updated about their lives. Recently Mehwish Hayat got angry due to social media fans and lost her calmness at the continuous... more →
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Mehwish Hayat To Perform Item Song In Namaloom Afrad Movie

Mehwish Hayat
Mehwish Hayat is one of the best actresses of Pakistan; she is multitalented actress, model and singer as well. Now she is going to perform in the item song of the movie “Namaloom Afrad”. Mehwish made her name in every field she belongs to; she will be definitely performing well in item song. Hot model Mehwish Hayat worked in... more →
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