Mehwish_HayatSocial media has become a common path to comment at any one as people are used to comment at any personality, celebrity, politician etc. Social media allows people to stay connect with celebrities in order to get updated about their lives. Recently Mehwish Hayat got angry due to social media fans and lost her calmness at the continuous nonsense and senseless comments about her images at her Facebook page.

Lots of celeb got angry at their fans comments on social media, recently former cricketer Waseem Akram got blunt in expressing his thoughts over social media as he was also targeted by the social media fans for criticizing. Now this time Mehwish Hayat got irritated by the non-tolerating comments and remarks of people at Facebook and Twitter.

Mehwish Hayat, who is a famous actress and model of Pakistan, seemed very angry due to idiotic attitude of people of social media as she could not  able to control her state of anger over social media fans. For which Mewish Hayat has posted her message for ridiculous users of Facebook at her Facebook Fan Page. The message of Mehwish was this:

Mehwish Hayat's Message