Ali Zafar Explains His Story of Success From a life-turning Song

ali zafar photo shoot
An enchanting and crowded show by front man / singer Ali Zafar was experienced on Fri. at a resident hotel, presented by HUM as a measure of their Valentine’s Day parties, in Karachi. The stage was imaginatively made with the subject color red in emphasis and 3 LCD screens in the stage, showing consistently altering graphics made... more →
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Big B Applauds Ali Zafar

Mumbai: Pakistan’s famous actor and singer Ali Zafar met upon with the Bollywood’s legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan during which Big B appreciated Ali’s singing and acting skills, it has been learnt. After meeting the actor, Ali Zafar said that it has had been his utmost desire to meet Mr. Bachchan, for him it is a dream come... more →
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