An enchanting and crowded show by front man / singer Ali Zafar was experienced on Fri. at a resident hotel, presented by HUM as a measure of their Valentine’s Day parties, in Karachi. The stage was imaginatively made with the subject color red in emphasis and 3 LCD screens in the stage, showing consistently altering graphics made to the atmosphere.

The children in the crowd went wild with his contribution of “No lady, no cry” while the whole crowded room went enraptured at his rendering of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”, from the prize charming serial by the same name.

More luxury was in stock for the onlookers for Zafar then requested actor Faisal Qureshi and exemplary artist Sunita Marshall on set to make a slight abstract from the “Preeto” song’s film the 3 had done composed thirteen years back.

ali zafar photo shoot[alert style=”white”] On countless requests, he eventually vocalized “Channo” and associated how it altered his whole life and carried him from a vocalist who only chants ghazals at people’s homes for a paltry Rs, twenty thousand to Rs thirty thousand, to where he’s today. [/alert]

Ali Zafar has been regarded highly for presenting Pakistan at international level at various forums; his name was also coined at many forums for different titles and awards.