Actress SangeetaLahore: It is News hounded that Well-known Lollywood Director and Former Actress Sangeeta declared that she have defied the propositions to work on the movies founded primarily on cast system and mafia. Many makers have presented but she let it off. She voiced her thoughts in a Trattoria (Restaurant Name) in Gulberg.

Sangeeta declared that around many producers of Karachi have presented her to direct the movies but she wish to direct merely the movies of high quality.

Sangeeta expounded that she do not really wish to go off from the Lahore, she have lifted to Karachi by potency as Karachi became the center of drama production.

She implores for the progression of film production and to refresh the workplaces of Lahore. She is looking forward for the wellbeing of film industry as a whole.

[alert style=”white”] In discourse about Meera, she claimed that she sense disgrace that such performers are the fragment of movie production, who utilizes each fair or prejudiced ways to catch  spotlight, authority should disallow Meera from spotlight. [/alert]

Sangeeta is considered a very reputable personality in Pakistani film industry and she has delivered many valuable items in the past as well.