The Indian Bollywood actor known for his boldness, Emraan Hashmi who had once been an admirer of Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malik is quite annoyed at her now. The two media figures are shooting for their first ever movie together.

Humaima earlier had delayed the movie shootings due to the visa issues. After that, her unprofessional attitude further caused discomfort to Imran Hashmi, who is well known in the industry due to his discipline and quick delivery of shots.

imarn-hasmi-Humaima-Malik[alert style=”white”] Humaima takes much of the time to report a single shot.  Imran Hashmi recommended offering role to Humaina being impressed off her spectacular acting in one of the biggest hit movies of Pakistan film industry, BOL. [/alert]

The movie director and producer at first faced the inconvenience posed due to the visa issues from Humaima’s end and now, the actor has to adjust for the long shoots.  Humaima has been granted work visa to travel to India. Her visa will expire by the end of the following month, which is in two days. Hence, she is pressurized to do the shootings within limited time.

Before the shoot, UTV had signed two projects with the actress. But, after the experience with her, they are considering  of revising their decisions.