sarah chaudhry in niqabFormer actress Sara Chaudhry who has turned marvelously into a strict practicing Muslim woman after leaving showbiz industry which has left many people in amazement as it is a great turn up of her as she has come to know about real meaning of Islam after her marriage. Sara Chaudhry is living peaceful and religious life by the grace of Allah with her husband and family in Lahore.

Actress turned religious preacher got married in October, 2011 with Faisal Khan who is known as Dubai based businessman as she is blessed with one baby boy. Sara Chaudhry left entertainment industry just after her marriage as it has been four years when she left her showbiz career and started to wear veil completely in religious manner. She is also participating with her husband in his business by keeping the limits of Islam which she has learnt in Quran. A restaurant has been opened by Sara and her husband in Lahore which is running successfully by both of them.

When Sara was asked about a reason behind her transformation from actress to pure Islamic woman in 2012, she told that Muslim women is not showpiece as she has learnt in Quran that showing your face to Ghair-Mehram (unknown men) is Haram in Islam and I was on wrong path where I was acting with Ghair-Mehram on national television which is completely against to Islam. Sara Chaudhry also told that she got inspired by her husband’s Islamic thoughts and talks due to which she understood the message of Allah which He has sent in Quran. She started to seek about Islam in depth after which she came to know the actual meaning of Islam and started her journey with real means of Muslim woman.

Now Sara Chaudhry also advises and encourages people not to allow your daughter to enter in showbiz as it is Haram in Islam as we are Muslim and should follow our religion. Former actress who has started her real life as a true Muslim was born on 27 September in 1987 and started her showbiz career when she was just 13-years old as she has worked in many commercials, drama serials and films. Sara Chaudhry who actually wanted to become a doctor came into showbiz just by chance as she was helped by her father’s friend who took her to this profession because she had been fascinated by this profession since her early days. She debuted in drama industry with drama serial Behlawa.