Khalid Saleem MotaSenior actor of Pakistan television Khalid Saleem Mota said that he had temporary leave showbiz due to his illness. In an interview conducted by local magazine, Khalid Saleem Mota said that he has played all types of characters in his acting career but now he is suffering from illness. This is why he is not able to work but he also hopes that he will come back to showbiz industry after sometime. Khalid Saleem Mota also said that he is basically an actor of theatre and proud to start his career from Lahore.

Khalid Saleem said that the television production is qualitative nowadays and it is just because of rising competitive environment in the showbiz industry. He said that no work is actually a bad work and any work which is done with the good intentions is superior. He also added that if an artist gets his reward and appreciated, he would never die and always lives young.

Khalid Saleem Mota also showed his worries for the regretful attitude of the society towards senior artist and said that we should look at our behavior in this context.