kamran-khanSenior Team members which include producers have left Kamran Khan and rejoined Geo News on very good salary packages. This situation aroused in the wake of resignation of Kamran Khan from Bol TV where he was not only the President but also the Editor-in-Chief his team along with him joined Bol News but later on Kamran Khan had to resign over the issue of Axact selling fake Degrees.

Kamran Khan didn’t discussed the matters with his team while leaving Bol TV and ultimately the team members were left alone in Bol TV without any direction this itself created problems for other team members which included senior producers. The left behind team members decided to contact Geo News’ management where they actually were working before joining Bol TV the management offered them lucrative salary packages which they accepted along with the job offers. The team which has rejoined Geo News include three senior producers.

On the other hand some sources claim that Kamran Khan after resignation told his team members that he was negotiating with some channels for joining but the team decided not to go with him anymore as they were left alone because of him not taking into confidence them before resigning. Sources claim that Kamran Khan is negotiating with the management of Dunya TV and ARY News. He may join one of them in the upcoming days.