daily_jinnahDaily Jinnah Newspaper is going to launch on 28th May in Karachi. The newspaper is already publishing on daily basis in Lahore and Islamabad and now going to launch in Karachi. Previously it was expected that it will be launched for the public in January or February 2015 but was delayed due to some internal issues.

The daily Jinnah newspaper has the motive of focusing on Urdu language as it is our national language. According to our correspondent the owner of the newspaper is Malik Riaz. The Chief Editor is Mahmood Shaam who is a well-known poet, analyst and journalist and has worked with many leading newspapers and media channels and gained a vast experience of over 48 years. The Group Editor of the newspaper is Rana Tahir Mahmood who is experienced in his field.

The newspaper covers all aspects like sports, entertainment, political, international and local. The main focus is on the issues related to Urdu as an official language, problems related to Karachi transport and others. It will also feature stories and is looking forward to publish informative columns and stories. The newspaper is available online in both Urdu and English languages.