Talat-and-Kamran-KhanKamran Khan had a serious argument while talking to Talat Hussain in his Talk Show ‘Naya Pakistan’. The argument began when Talat said that Kamran should apologize as he didn’t came up to the expectations of the people and all the hype initially was created when he joined Bol News. Kamran Khan in reply to it said that the organization with which he was working before was facing scandals too. Talat spoke up no not as severe as selling fake degrees not as severe as betraying people.

Talat added that I have criticized this channel (Geo TV) more than you and still criticize this channel even though I am part of it but I criticize it I never defend it. Kamran Khan in reply to it said that ‘you also established a relation with Bol TV’ Talat negated it and kept on negating it and said that I didn’t joined the channel, at this point Kamran Khan said yes you remained connected with Bol we also have audio and video recordings of yours.

Kamran Khan whereas maintained that you had been holding meetings with them you have been negotiating the salary you had signed the agreement. Talat Hussain in reply to it said that package was offered but I declined I have the email. Kamran said it is easy to easy to say I have your recordings too record of whatever you said while meeting them.

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