Why Kamran Khan Left Geo News?

Islamabad: Senior journalist of Geo News Kamran Khan has announced that he is leaving Geo News on Thursday night during his show. Questions regarding his resigning from Geo TV have been arising in the minds of people since the time when he announced his quitting from the channel.

Prominent anchorperson of Geo news Kamran Khan did not tell any reason behind his leaving of Geo News but according to some sources he was not happy with few decisions of Jung Group. While declaring his leaving form Geo News during his show “Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath”, Kamran Khan said that I want to work more with Geo as I have been associated with Geo/Jung group for 32 years but due to some issues I am not able to continue my journey in this channel. He also said in a very emotional tone that I just want to remember good moments which I have spent there. While advising to the media houses, he said media houses should allow all the journalistic decision to do in news studio as Pakistan needs to be true democratic with the help of free media.

Geo News is facing great loss month after month as we know that Dr. Aamir Liaquat who was one of the senior anchorperson of Geo News has joined Express News in the month of June. Similarly, Kamran Khan has joined new network of media Bol TV which is likely to start from August 2014.Kamran khan

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  1. najma says:

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  2. zeeshan khan says:

    dears whatever ppl say i dnt know they may be ri8 or wrong but one thing is that geo has served our nation and pti couldnt provide any proof for their alligations…so please dont link this wd imrans dhandli wala drama

  3. Muhammad Mubeen says:

    hamid mir issues the……………..

  4. Muhammad Mubeen says:

    hamid mir issues the

  5. muaz says:

    32 sal tak salay ko pata nhy chala aj hy pata chala jab army geo ky pechay pari Aisa Kyn?????

  6. benish says:

    oh my god whats this?? cnt undrstnd whts going on!!! :/

  7. muhammad kashif says:

    That is not a good news i am very sorry to say that behind the all meter is p t i.

  8. Muhammad Yusuf Awan says:

    What is Kamran’s contribution except serving the Military Establishment and ridiculing democratically elected Government? Now he will continue his dirty role at some new place.

  9. Mazhar islam. . says:

    The only reason is to earn more. .the rats jumps off sinking ships. .

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