Jasmine Manzoor Shah, a middle aged woman with beauty, intelligence and bold attitude is amongst the senior journalists of Pakistan who has earned fame in the media industry due to her priceless work pieces and contribution to journalism. Her brevity to talk upon on various political issues and to interview the political figures bringing them into account and arguing to reach to some decision is appreciable. She has got the boldness in her attitude which makes her distinguished from other hosts. With the immense knowledge over the topic she convinces the other to accept their mistakes by presenting the facts and evidences. However her harsh attitude is often disliked by people.

Jasmine is a resident of Karachi who was born in the metropolitan city. She is a master degree holder in International Relations. In the year 1999, she began her career in media. Since then up till now she has had been serving the field. Jasmine is among the senior analysts and anchors of the Samaa TV channels, which has been associated with the channel for long time. Jasmine has also been a producer and is a senior anchor too.

For past three years she has been hosting current affairs based show on the channel, ‘Tonight with Jasmine’ that is aired through Monday to Friday from 10:03 pm – 11: pm. Her distinguished documentaries on various subjects have been acknowledged and she was awarded the Benazir Excellence Award in the year 2009 along with other awards given in recognition to her exceptional work.

Jasmine has account on LinkedIn and is active on twitter with her fans, family and the media men. She is off the screen these days, amid the threats being given by the political parties but she has clearly twitted that she would not be leaving to practice journalism and neither would leave Pakistan.