In order to achieve success you must take many things in consideration. Education, hard work, perseverance, good will and many other things are needed. To obtain an opportunity or to create something from a scratch are two very different things.

In the media industry of Pakistan, you usually have to do one of the two things. Kiran did the second option. She created her career in media production from a scratch. She continues to lead her career successfully in the safe waters and is pretty happy with it too.

Kiran Rive is from Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan and the former capital. She is a very hardworking person. She is an energetic person which is all the time seen on the television. She has a very good knowledge of her surroundings.

Kiran Rizvi gave flight to her career through Aaj TV. She started working here as a news anchor. She currently still pursues this position; the only twist is that she is a senior news anchor now. Kiran is a newscaster and an anchor. Except news casting, she has also hosted the famous show, Sahi Khabar of Aaj News. She is also the host of the popular show, Pakistan at 7. She was also nominated for the best female newscaster award in 2011.