farah-yousaf-news casterFarah Yousaf is a distinguished news anchor and host. She has worked at many prominent news channels of Pakistan, some of them are Channel 42, ARY News etc. Farah has a lot of experience in the electronic industry because she has been working in the media industry for a good deal of time. She also has good deal of shows under her belt too. Farah Yousaf has been linked with journalism since a very young age.

She currently resides in Lahore. Leading Newscaster of Abb Takk Farah Yousaf has her own Facebook page which she updates herself to keep her fans informed of her whereabouts. She is trendy and likes to stay up to date with the happenings in the world. She loves casual dressing.

Farah started her career as a news anchor. Her first employer was Channel 42. She then joined ARY News. After working there for a while, she opted for a new challenge and signed up with Samaa TV. There she worked as a newscaster and a host of the show “iSamaa”. She also served at Dawn News where she was the host of the show “Masla Kiya Ha”. She has also served for Dunya News. She is currently working as a news anchor at Abb Takk  TV channel.