Iqra Shahzad News anchorFor a woman to make it to fame where there stand obstacles in her way, Iqra Shahzad is among one of the news casters who has managed to earn reputable name in the media field. She is a pretty young lady with good features who has large number of admirers.

Iqra holds wide experience in the electronic media field. She has worked in the re-known channels of the country, such as PTV, City 42, Samaa and Dunya News. She started her journalistic career being host and team member in the government owned channel PTV. She has had been host to a number of shows in the PTV channel including Sunday Mornings, Mast Music, Healthy Morning – The morning show and the talk shows. She then joined the City 42 where she proved herself as a versatile news anchor and earned prominence. For some time she joined the Samaa Channel where she hosted the show ‘Gal Baat’, a talk show that provided platform for sharing thoughts.

Lately she has joined Dunya news, the news channels considered to be among the reputable and trusted channel for its news stories. She hosts ‘Meri Dharti, Meri Dunya’ and serves as news caster on the channel everyday on 9 pm news bulletin. She is doing good job and excelling in her career due to her professional skills.

No scandals are associated with her, however people continue to use abusive and naïve languages for the young lady, affecting her personality on face book page and by posting nude edited videos of her. She has good fan following. She has her accounts on linked in and twitter. A face book page about her is being maintained by the Dunya TV news network while there is also another face book page bearing the name Iqra Shahzad Fans Club that looks to be maintained by her, where she interacts with her fans and media men.