The-MessageTehran: An Irani private TV channel has distorted the English dubbing of famous movie “The Message” as they have also committed the changes in the names of the film’s heroes regarding Islamic history. According to the Arab TV, business record movie “The Massage” of Arab producer Mustafa al Akkad has recorded and dubbed in several languages of sub titles.

With referring to the latest reports, Irani producer Hassan Dhabashi has revealed addition in the movie and has done unprofessionally distorted in the movie which has become the center of discussion as it is catching great attention of people on social media too. The changes and additions in the statements and dialogues of movie are related to the Shia community as they have changed the names of heroes in order to spread Islamic history in the sense of Shia.

The name of Hazrat Abbu Bakr has deleted form one scene of the movie as well as some other names have also replaced with other names in other scenes. On the other hand, replacement of dialogues has also done which is not related to the real version of “The Message”. While discussing the addition and changes in the movie, Iranian volunteers said that the English edition of “The Message” is the reflection of sectarian thinking of Iranian TV producer in which they have exceeded so much that they are now denying the statements of the movie which is related to the Islamic history.