Humayun SaeedFamed Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed has been injured in a car crash in a Bangkok on Sunday morning as his car hit by a double-decker from behind due to which Humayun got injured. According to the details, humayun Saeed came to Thailand with his wife and crew in order to find out places for an upcoming film which is going to be produced by Six Sigma Plus and ARY Films.

At the time of the incident, producer Nadeem Baig and other team member were also with Humayun Saeed who also got little injured in the accident. Humayun Saeed suddenly got admitted to the hospital where doctors declared him out of danger. He will be discharge from the hospital within one or two days as he is recovering in the hospital.

The 43-years old actor is known as one of the versatile actor of Pakistan who has been working in the entertainment industry since 1997. He has appeared in a large number of TV serials and a film as well as he has also produced several dramas and films. He runs two production houses Six Sigma Entertainment and 7th Sky Entertainment. [alert style=”white”]It is worth mentioning that Humayun Saeed is playing a lead role in three upcoming films of Pakistan named as Malik, Art 2 and Bin Roye.[/alert]