Famous Pakistani actress, film star and model Humaima Malik is holding a wine bottle in picture. The most famous Pakistani actress Sanam Baloch and Imran Abbas Naqvi are also appeared in this picture. Their picture must have been taken in abroad. Our celebrities are getting worst. Are they really Muslims? If they are Muslims, then why do they do such mischievous?

Our Pakistani celebrities show themselves that they are naive apparently just in front of the camera, but behind the camera they are something else. They are vulgar, they do mischievous activities. Humaima Malik is also famous for scandal, her affair with Wasim Akram is another matter, but nowadays her another matter is drinking wine.

Our Pakistani stars should not do such mischievous things, because their fans are very inspired from them. Sometimes their fans try to copy them, so they should do good activities. They are not supposed to spoil our youngsters. Our celebrities try to be as good as they look in front of the camera. Model Humaima has got a lot of success by her good work in movies. Actress has done wonderful job in Pakistani film “BOL”.

Humaima Malik with wine
Actress Humaima Malik with wine along with other actors