Huma NawabKarachi: Senior well known actress of Pakistan Huma Nawab likes to work more in film industry of Pakistan, after working in the movie of Sarmad Sehbai. Actress Huma wants to work in selected movies based on quality. Actress has said that she has worked a lot in Pakistani drama industry and now she wants to work more for film industry.

The time has got changed now and I want to see the change that’s why I have worked in film Industry, Huma said. She enjoyed a lot, while working in this movie because so many senior and junior actors are working in the movie of Sarmad Sehbai. She has further said that she has worked in selected dramas in drama industry. If this movie will get success, I will definitely work in other movies actress expressed.

Actress Huma says that she has never run after money and she would get offers previously and still getting offers. Actress Huma is very good at acting, no doubt. She is the brilliant actress of Pakistan and worked in several famous dramas of Pakistan like “Chand Grahan”, “Hawaiian” etc.