Mumbai: Indian actress Zareen Khan says that she resembles with Katrina Kaif has become trouble for her. Zareen is not getting a chance in working movies, due to her healthy figure. I gained my weight according to the role in movie “Veer”, she said. I am recognized just because of Katrina look and fame just for this, a part from this I am not famous, actress Zareen said.

Zareen has said that she is working just in Punjabi and Tamil movies but she wants to work in Hindi movies. But unfortunately she is not getting chance to work in Hindi movies. For showbiz Aim just the copy of Katrina and nothing else. Katrina is good at nature but my similarity with Katrina has become trouble for me, actress said. Zareen says that I and Katrina concern with the same field that’s why she finds that this is not good for her.

[alert style=”white”] If Katrina had belonged to another field, I would have found it good, Zareen expressed. [/alert]

Zareen Khan & katrina kaifActress Zareen says that she is criticized for her healthy figure by showbiz and they are not giving her a chance to work in movies. But she had to gain weight according to her role in movie “Veer”.