Hamza-Ali-Abbasi_CommentRecently Hamza Ali Abbasi on Social Media regarded Music as being not forbidden by ALLAH and the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him and His Progeny) in his post which was followed by series of Posts over the same topic by Hamza on Facebook. He keeps on commenting now and then on wide range of topics which include politics, sports and media but he commented such sort of topic for the first time.

Hamza has huge fan following on Facebook, he is popular for his analysis on different matters which he usually posts on Facebook. A new debate started after Hamza expressed his views on a topic which is regarded as sensitive in our society. He was quoting some Hadith and based his argument on the basis of that Hadith which itself condemned those who will consider Musical Instruments Halaal. Most of the people not only disagreed with him but rejected his view completely. Some said that he is not an Aalim how he can make comment on Halaal or Haraam of ALLAH’s religion. Some of the tweets regarding the matter:



The public views are mixed regarding the comments of Hamza but majority rejects his views. On the other hand this also points to our narrow mindedness. We as a nation can reject anyone without assigning a logical reason or without having a debate with them to convey the other view point in a respected manner like some knowledgeable person.