Hadiqa-KianiThe Musician who is ruling the hearts of her fans since 1990s, Hadiqa Kiani is working on her new album which will be launched in the near future. Her new album will be a complete shift from Pop music to more of Classical, Sufi and Qawwali genre of Music. Her album will be titled ‘Wajd’ the term actually means ‘a state of enlightenment’. Hadiqa’s mission for reviving the music Industry of Pakistan is one of her priorities and her work on her new album itself is evident.

Noah who is the spokesperson of Hadiqa Kiani said that the new album will revolve around the Sufi theme which is the creation of her Brother Irfan Kiani. He added that Hadiqa wants to be the first female singer of Pakistan who has produced music in the Qawwali Genre. Classical Musical Instruments will also be used which the people haven’t heard for ages. One of the Instrument which Hadiqa has received as a gift is more than 100 years old which will be used in some tracks of her album.

Hadiqa’s first album ‘Raaz’ was released in 1995. Hadiqa has won multiple awards and she actively participates in events of social betterment of the people. Her active participation in 2010 when Pakistan was hit by floods is really a good example for others to follow. She also released her first Single ‘Aasmaan’ for the flood victims in 2010 the video itself featured Hadiqa’s visits to different flood hit areas.