Aamir Liaquat Goes Furious Against Samaa TV

Dr. Aamir Liaquat went extremely angry against Samaa TV while he was Live on his morning Show Subh-e-Pakistan, he censured Samaa TV and its owner too along with the Producer of the program and the actor too who did a parody on Dr. Aamir Liaquat. Dr. Aamir said that the actor who did his Parody is Faheem, he added that he respects me when he is with me. He narrated that recently Faheem Invited him to his marriage ceremony and kept on persuading to participate, he emphasized that I didn’t expect such behavior from him and I am hurt because of his behavior.

Dr. Aamir also mentioned the name of the producer Karamullah Ghumro and said that he was working with him in the Ramzan transmission and searched for jobs on his name. He didn’t worked in Ramzan transmission too as he don’t know how to work, now sitting as a producer in a channel and working to disrespect me and hurt me, Dr. Aamir said about Karamullah Ghumro.

[alert style=”white”] Aamir Liaquat said that owner of the channel should keep an eye on the programs telecasted. [/alert]

Aamir-LiaquatHe said that he reserves the right to go to the court for legal action against such actors who are day and night working to disrespect and humiliate him. He said that if others are not able to prove what they say, they will be punished by the court. He said that I take it on my own self and don’t go to the court to avoid worst circumstances.

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