Faysal-QureshiThe famous Pakistani Actor and Host Faysal Qureshi will be starring for a completely new and different role in an upcoming Drama at HUM TV. The upcoming Drama MOL which features a unique love story which is focused on two people who are completely of opposite nature. His character is one of its kind in the Drama it will be a new experience for Faysal to play for such a role.

Faysal has proved his mettle in acting. Faysal has acted for a number of versatile roles which range from a blind man to a powerful merciless Businessman. He has done every character with sincerity and each character and role seemed to be completely fit for him. His recent performance in Rang Laaga as Ashiq Hussain has been outstanding itself and his track record speaks about his skills and achievements.

Faysal will be playing as Sheharyar in upcoming Drama MOL. The concept of MOL is brainchild of Faysal Manzoor and is directed by Ilyas Kahsmiri and screenplay is by Amna Mufti. Faysal Qureshi while talking about his new character said that he will be staring for Sheharyar who is a straight forward guy and doesn’t interferes in any one matters and neither wants anyone to interfere in his life. MOL will be aired soon on HUM TV.