reema khan scandalsKarachi: Lollywood actress Reema Khan has said that in order to restore the status of the film industry, government would also have to play its role.Unfortunately the collapsed condition of the industry does not appeal to any investor, she said.

The actress said that she would play her full role in restoring the film industry status and plans to make two new movies in the upcoming years.  Reema said that no betterment can be brought to the industry with out government’s assistance. The present situation of the cinemas do not have anything exciting to offer to the investors, hence it falls more on the government to play its role, she further added.

Our cinema, film industry after 70’s majorly has lost the glory they used to enjoy as an industry. There is less work for the artists. Those which are produced do not have much to cater audience from diverse aged groups or classes of the society. Our movies sadly lack the standard that is needed to attract the audiences. Lack of technical knowledge, expertise, and good production houses, good investment amounts and much more are laggings and reasons for the collapsed picture that our cinema industry presents.