Sana MirzaSana Mirza was harassed in Jalsa by PTI followers in Islamabad. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf‘s followers have misbehaved with reporters in Jalsa. Reporters are pressurized to coverage their Jalsa. They were said to report according to their wish. Sana Mirza was one of them who was harassed to cover their Jalsa and report according to PTI. Sana was a brave reporter. She was not scared from any threats. She reported honestly throughout Jalsa.

Sana updated on tweeter that she was harassed by PTI followers and reported sincerely. This is not the first time PTI misbehaved with reporters. There was no one in the Jalsa who was able to manage PTI’s supporters even mainly of the followers kept the pass to be on stage.

It’s not the first time when PTI workers did such action in Public Gathering. Earlier, almost similar cases happened with Gharida Farooqi & Samaa Team in Multan Jalsa and Quatrina Hosain & Abb Takk Team in Wah Cantt. Recently another badly behaved act has been appeared by the PTI supporters with media reporters during Multan Jalsa where PTI’s supporters behaved badly with Gharida Farooqi, the female reporter of Samaa TV was also mistreated them as there was an altitude of state of confusion at the Multan Jalsa.

PTI’s Islamabad Jalsa was covered with huge crowd was a good show according to political part but most awful organization damaged the entire show because of which lots of pessimism found in front of many people.