Lahore: TV and theatre artist and renowned assistant director Ashfaq Bhatti has passed away. Hundreds of mourners were present at his funeral and buried him in the nearby graveyard. Great number of people from Showbiz attended his Namaz-e-Janaza. Heart attack became the reason of his death on January 2, 2015.

Late Ashfaq’s Rasm-e-Qul was held at his home in Bahar Shah Colony, Sadar. There was a crowd of family members who were mourning and giving condolence to each other. All the media personalities expressed their deep sorrows on the news. Everyone prayed for his soul to rest in peace. His colleagues said that Ashfaq’s death is a great loss.

Ashfaq Bhatti served 30 years in his field. He did several dramas along with Naheed Khanum. He has also appeared in TV dramas.