Bol TVBOL Media Group has provided thousands of employment opportunities by promoting more than 20,000 public transport vehicles across Pakistan in observance with the assure of building a wealthy Pakistan.  BOL is changing buses and rickshaws all over Pakistan by improving their external, giving free repairs and providing all vehicle owners an opportunity to be paid more income and raise their quality of life. These vehicles are being improved free of cost with the purpose of restoring Pakistan’s public transport industry, giving the people of Pakistan an improved travelling experience and adding to the beauty of Pakistan.

To carry out this huge plan, BOL has put up many automotive workshops across Pakistan, providing job opportunities for the trained and giving them salaries double the market average in custody with its attitude of giving the best living standards to the people.

BOL’s Chairman and CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh said that BOL not only made its slogan “Har Rah mein Rozgar, Har Rah pe BOL” but also increased the peak of the expectations and ambitions of the Pakistani people. On the other hand,  some critics are saying that Bol Did it only for promoting brand not for helping poors.