Imran Khan with JournalistsIslamabad: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan took a meeting with journalists from Geo-Jang Group at his Bani Gala home on Tuesday. According to reliable sources that Journalists requested Imran Khan to finish boycott of Geo-Jang Group and forward the party representatives to come into sight in Geo TV talk shows but he forbad.

Khan, however, said that his party took nothing against job of journalists from the group but he and his party be against the policies of Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, the proprietor of Geo-Jang Group. Imran also respected the role of media and hard work of working journalists in supporting democracy, rule of law and importance human rights violations.
Imran Khan said that there had been no independent media in Pakistan. Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf wouldn’t have appeared as the third political party in spite of its best hard work. The journalists attended in the meeting integrated Rana Jawad, Hamid Mir, Tahir Khalil, Bilal Dar, Mumtaz Alvi, Maaz Ahsan and PFUJ President Afzal Butt.