Bol LogoThe Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) has started harassing the staff of Bol News by demanding the contract details of the anchors, senior journalists and the management of the channel. According to the sources of Bol News, FIA is continuously harassing the HR department of Bol News to submit all the contract details of journalists associated with the channel. Senior journalists and the anchors of Bol News have expressed their concern on this situation and demanded the investigation agencies not to harass them as they are already working in very tense environment.

 “The agency officials are harassing journalists and HR Department on the behest of the government and some media tycoons,” representative of Bol News HR department told.

The sources of Bol News have also said that it is the first time in the media industry that investigating agencies are demanding the contract details of journalists from any media house. However no such example has been observed earlier.

“FIA wants the journalists quit the channel and has been struggling to shut down BOL News,” the sources claimed.

It is to be noted that the investigations regarding Axact fake degree scandal are continued by the FIA and PEMRA had already suspended the broadcasting license of Bol News for unidentified period.