Bol ProtestThe series of protests carried by Bol Network employees against PEMRA for not issuing them license to on air the channel, have slow down due to internal differences between the management and employees of the channel. The protests were started in the previous month when PEMRA had suspended the license of Bol News after receiving a letter from Ministry of Information. The reason behind the suspension of license of Bol News was not other than the Axact fake degree scandal and FIA had requested the government to not give them permission for on airing the channel.

The test transmission of Bol News began approximately one and a half month ago and it was decided by the management to launch the channel on 1st Ramzan. But unfortunately, PEMRA had taken back the previously issued license of Bol News so that the channel could not be able to effect the investigations of FIA against Axact fake degree scandal. Bol employees have shown their unity before Ramzan and block the roads with their sit inn but the internal conspiracy of the channel has suppressed the voice.

President of PFUJ, Afzal Butt has said that almost all the journalists organizations are standing for the rights of Bol employees but it seems that both the management and the journalists associated with Bol Network, are not serious in this issue.

“BOL management will have to decide if they want to get the company’s bank accounts unfrozen and the channel’s license restored,” Afzal Butt said.