Rauf KlasraPakistani’s have condemned the remarks of famous columnist Rauf Klasra against the Urdu speaking community. On 28th June, the column of Rauf Klasra was published in Daily Dunya Newspaper, with the title “Hamarey Adeeb Hi Wapas Kar Do…”, in which he had totally ignored all the sacrifices of the Urdu speaking community, generally called “Muhajirs”. The column was in fact on the current scandal of MQM and the Raw funding, but Rauf Klasra linked it with the entire Urdu speaking community.

Instead of recognizing the sacrifices of Urdu speaking community and their struggle for making Pakistan, he made the comparison between Urdu and Saraiki speaking community, and writes that the Saraiki speaking people are facing more problems than Urdu speaking.

Rauf Klasra had distorted the historical truth by mentioning that the Refugees were came to Pakistan comfortably in the train and they have also given the properties, which Hindus left in Pakistan. He also mentioned that the refugees were came to Pakistan for ruling the country, instead of struggling for the rights Punjab and other areas of Pakistan.

People from different walks of life have strongly condemned the misleading column of Rauf Klasra and demanded him and Dunya Newspaper to apologize. They have also demanded all the columnists and media personalities to talk for the union of all the Pakistanis, instead of spreading the biasness.

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