Naseem_VickyOne of the famous comedians and stage actors of Pakistan Naseem Vicky has cancelled his program to visit India. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, comedian Naseem Vicky had to leave for India next week but after cancellation of concert of famous singer of Pakistan Ghulam Ali in India, Naseem Vicky has cancelled this tour. Naseem Vicky has to visit India for the shooting of popular comedy show.

Naseem Vicky has said that India is creating its bad image in the whole world with such type of incidents, Pakistani newspaper reported. He also said that the artists brings message of peace with them and they should not be a victim of politics.

Naseem Vicky is considered among the few comedians of Pakistan who have got popularity not only in the country but also famous in other countries as well. Naseem Vicky had performed in many popular Indian television shows including Comedy Nights With Kapil, Laugh India Laugh and Nautanki Ke Super Overs.

It is to be noted that famous Pakistani Ghazal singer Ustad Ghulam Ali visited India last week for performing in concert in Mumbai, but after receiving threats from Indian extremist group Shiv Sena, the concert was cancelled.