MuharramActivities of Pakistani showbiz industry have been limited during the month of Muharram, all over the country. According to the reports of Pakistani media, famous showbiz celebrities of Pakistan including singers, actors and actresses, have scheduled their recordings after 12th of Muharram. Most of the actors, actresses, singers and comedians have postponed their recordings in order to show respect for Shuhada e Karbala. Producers have also decided to postpone outdoor recordings during this period; however indoor recordings have been limited. Famous singers have completed their Noha albums which will be released in the coming days.

On the other end, stage actors and actresses of Pakistan have also taken initiative to show respect and decided to close theatre activities during the month of Muharram. Shows have been also limited in the cinemas all around the world and it is expected that all the cinemas all around the country will be closed from 8th to 10th of Muharram.  Showbiz activities in Karachi Arts Council, National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Pakistan National Council of Arts and other cultural centers have been also closed during this period.

It is to be noted that no Pakistani film will be released during the month of Muharram and it is good gesture that Pakistani showbiz celebrities have restricted their activities during this month.