Fatima_EffendiBollywood’s famous Director Anees Bazmi contacted Fatima Effendi and offered her a role in his Horror Movie. He explained the story and the character to Fatima but she rejected the offer and said that honor of her family and respect of her country is the important most matter for her. She added she won’t accept any role which brings bad image for Pakistan and her Family.

Fatima Effendi had the view that working in drama and film is very different, she added that she keeps on receiving offers from Pakistani and Bollywood movies. She said that she never had any restrictions from family for working in Showbiz. She emphasized that she know her limits herself. She said that Anees Bazmi called her and praised her performance in the dramas and offered her a role in his movie but I rejected it, as it called for me to act for role which was bold a character.

[alert style =”green”] I will not accept any role which brings bad image for my country and family. [/alert]

Fatima maintained that although she is in Showbiz but she is extra cautious while choosing her role and her dresses, this is also a reason for rejecting the offer. She also disclosed that few days back she received an offer to act for a leading role in Pakistani movie but she rejected it. She expressed her desire to work in movies but in art movies not in the movies of today.