Zeba-ShehnazVeteran actress Zeba Shehnaz has joined Bol Network. She will be working as an artist, writer and producer for Bol Entertainment. Zeba said that she will be working for the betterment of the showbiz as the current situation of showbiz is not good enough. She had the view that people are now running after fame irrespective of keeping in view their honor and traditions.

Zeba was disappointed with the situation of the theatre, she was concerned for the young generation of artists which is running after fame undermining the traditional values and honor. In her view senior artists and producers were responsible for not leading the youth in the right direction. We have exploited the independence and have created problems for ourselves. Zeba viewed the problem and said that our children have gone out of control they all need to be controlled and the seniors must play their part for making the things right.

Zeba emphasized on the matter and was willing to work for betterment of the situation of theater and drama. Earlier artists used to enjoy honor and respect, artists of the theater and Television alike. She said that she has raised voice for Karachi’s theater a number of times but no use.