It is rather inappropriate to pinpoint the communication to a single phase or channel e.g., T.V, Radio, Telephone, Telegram, Cable, Newspaper or writing a letter. The subject of communication involves its act, process and its various implications. The word “Communication”, meaning to pass or give on information, feelings, disease etc, also to make others understand one’s ideas or to be in touch by words or signals or to transmit information, thought or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood.

As such communication is a way of a sending, giving or exchanging of information, ideas etc, or a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior; also a technology of the transmission of informations as by the printed word ,telecommunication” derives its origin from the “Old French” word “communication”, besides the”Latin word” of “Communis” which implies the meaning of commonness, a firm feeling of commonness between the senders and the receivers. In this sense, the communication experts are actively engaged in bridging the gap and in the proper arrangement of inflow and outflow of information.

As such, the process of communication entails the establishment of commonness with information, an idea or an attitude. From journalistic point of view, we are more concerned with that sense and essence of communication, which is related solely to provide a proper standing of commonness to the sender and the receiver for a particular message.

First of all, we should look up to the standard dictionaries in order to fully comprehend the meaning of the word “communication”

1) Longman Modern English Dictionary defines in, as a sending, giving or exchanging of information ,ideas etc.

2) Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary defined it, “means of giving information as the press, cinema, radio and television”.

3) Oxford English Dictionary defines it, as “the imparting, conveying or exchange of ideas. knowledge etc., whether by speech, writing or signs.”

4) Webster’s New Dictionary of Synonyms, it stands for “intercourse, Communion,” correspondence, dealings and conversation.”

5) American Dictionary defines it as an act or fact of communication; an intercourse by words, letters or messages and an inter-change of ideas or opinions.”