Introduction: Aristotle tells us a very simple truth when he says: “He who is unable to live in society,or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself,must be either a beast or God”It is a truism universally acknowledge in all the corners of the world. It essentially implies that man is a social animal.He is born in society and he lives in society. The fact is that man biologically,psychologically is embedded in society,in a social fabric,and cannot live in seclusion from his fellow beings.

Man is a very gregarious animal,living in or pertaining to flocks or communities and is fond of being among other people .His fondness in clusters in like beings or fellows is natural,and fundamentally linked to his emotional build-up and attuned to his psychological and biological needs.Gregariousness is obviously for two potent reasons.

He is easily affected by sympathy and the desire for sympathy. He prefers company to solitude.He admires and imitates others,and he likes to be admired and imitated.These social impulses and biological needs aside necessity also compels a man to live a social life.No man is self-sufficient,and nature has not created one.

His needs are many and are of multi-purpose and numerous. For the satisfaction of his divers needs and fulfilment of his various purposes,he must associate with his fellow-beings and seek their cooperation.

The very gregariousness of men impels him to lay the foundations of contace-system with his fellow-beings on sure and firm bases.From times immemorial,man has evolved a system of signals to Communicate’his ideas to others,which later turned into sophisticated forms and complex system of communication to cover the niceties involved. In all events and circumstances of life,the system of communication hinges around the modes of language.

As such the primitive signals and gestures were the normative and formative harbingers of evolving systematizad languages in the world.The factors and social processes,stresses and strains in the family,tribe and society,s entity,existence and continuance precipitated the evolution of language.It is no exaggeration that in the absence of language,the progress of human civilization and culture would have been adversely denied rather checked.

The evolution of language is not known,and the annalsof world history deny us any sure and firm factual position about it. Theories that language derives from echoic imitation,sound,symbolism,instinctive cries,outputs of breath accompanying exertion,or oral gestures originally corresponding to bodily movement,account for only small part of the known phenomena of language,Languages are in a constant process of change,in sound in form and in meaning,so long as they are spoken. The evolution of language is generally from complex forms to simpler and more freely combinable forms.

It will be observed that languages from pivotal part of communication,without which man would have to undergo spiritual and mental torture,almost tantalizing experience,involving complete isolation quite incosistent with the human psychology and rather the negation of all human progress .As such the languages are the organizedsystems of speech used by human beings as a means of communication among themselves.Languages are not the only organized systems of speech and means of communication,but are the most important source of communication among human beings,as being utilized for Radio,Television,Newspapers and Books etc.

With reference to above-mentioned means of communication it has assumed the control,significance in all forms of conveying of ideas,even including on individual levels.The sending out of ideas will be a useless exercise ,if it is not accompanied by skilfulness and expertise in proper and meaningful communication.

Effective communication has always been the subject of the experts,Today,the communication occupies the pivotal alace in all departments of life in the world.No phase of private and public life has escaped its powerful clutches and influence.On the one hand,it has intruded into the privacy of the individuals,and on the other hand,it has lent light and colour rather a new dimension to human life which was glaringly absent and missing in the past.