cybercrimeRecently a Press conference was held at National press club Islamabad by IT experts and activists. Who censured the cybercrime bill and termed it as a step for cutting down the freedom of speech. All of the experts were amazed on such a step by a democratic government. The ‘democratic’ government not even took on board a single member of civil society or anyone who represented the IT professionals.

While talking at the interactive session an IT expert Usama Khilji was of the view that this step of government is very unfair as the government is legislating on a very sensitive issue which is technical too, not taking on board a single member from the relevant field and civil society is unjust. He added that government wants to serve political purpose and objective of their own party, he termed some clauses of the bill as infringement of the basic freedom of the citizens.

If this bill changes into a law, the government will have the authority to block blogs, websites and even Facebook and twitter. Professor of National University of Modern Languages, Tahir Malik on this occasion said that as a nation we cannot progress until we are in a habit of critical thinking and fair competition. Not the whole bill can be disregarded as per the experts but certain clauses need amendments which are a must to ensure justice and freedom.