Coke Studio Saeson 7Karachi: Coke Studio season 7 is again ready to hit airwaves as it will be aired in the month of September where national and local talent will be highlight. When it’s come about Coke Studio, the list of singers is very important so the wait is over because the list of singers has been revealed.

Coke Studio season 7 will consists on guest musicians who will be highlighted as collaborative musicians in the show whereas all artists of this season will work together with the House Band. The names of House Band members of Coke Studio season 7 are as follows:

Imran Akhoond (Guitars)

Imran Akhoond is known as guitarist of Shehzad Roy who has been seen in Shehzad’s videos whereas he has also played guitar for many other singers.

Sara Haider (Backing vocals)

Sara Haider is the one who has replaced Zoe Viccaji as Viccaji Sisters were highly criticized for their flat vocals. Sara has also performed in Uth records.

Ahad Nayani (Drums)

Ahad Nayani works as drummer for Strings band and these days he is considering as the future of Pakistan as he has an extensive sense of drumming.

Khalid Khan (Bass guitars)

Khalid Khan is the known as the main member of Aaroh whereas he is also recognized as a session player of Fuzon. Khalid Khan is one of the bass guitarists of Pakistan who brings plethora experience within the House Band.

The list of guest musicians is as follows:

  • Hamza Jaffri
  • Mubashir Admani
  • Aamir Zaki
  • Faraz Anwar
  • Shalum Xavier

The list of singers is as follows:

  • Sajjad Ali
  • Abida Parveen
  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Zoheb Hasan
  • Abbas Ali Khan
  • Asrar
  • Jawad Ahmed
  • Usman Riaz