Irfan WastiChef Irfan Wasti is one of the best chefs of Pakistan. He brings delicious three recipes in his every episode and he cooks three dishes with one ingredients. He has the ability to bring different taste in three dishes with same ingredients. This is indeed quite amazing and frugality as well. We could save our money from his different recipes of same ingredients.

He got a lot of taste in his hand and running a wonderful program “Chatpatay Chatkharay” on Masala channel. His food is indeed quite spicy and tasty. People feel like eating his dishes, while watching the program. His program is extremely liked by food lovers. He is also working at “Lal Qila”; people enjoy eating the food of Lalqila. Foods at Lalqila are quite scrumptious.

He is good at cooking all kinds of dishes and brings lots of different recipes in his program. He is also good at decoration a well, after cooking he serves his dishes with beautiful decoration. Chef did his graduation from Karachi University and Technical High school, He lives in Karachi Pakistan.