Chef Shai is an international popular chef of Pakistan. She knows to cooking plenty of dishes like French, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern and American. She is the master of cooking and cooks well. Chef Shai also got a lovely voice; she often sings songs during her program name “Simply Shai”.

Chef Shai was born to a physician father and she was brought up in Quetta, a small picturesque city in Baluchistan. She did Bachelors in science and moved to Karachi she completed her masters in Botany from Karachi University. Chef Shai travelled all around the world that’s why she got the good experience of cooking and expert in cooking all dishes of the world.

Chef Shai hosted a several shows and also worked for Rock Centre café she would cook there for major celebrities of cooking, nowadays she is hosting a wonderful show “Simply Shai” on Masala TV. Chef Shai got a lot of fans and her fans also call her in her program. Not only her fans call her to ask the recipes but also they ask her to sing a song.