Rukaiya AbbasChef Rukaiya Abbas is the best caterer and cook of Pakistan. Chef is quite expert in cooking Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Italian, American. She cooked several delicious dishes in her program “Food Diaries” on Masala channel. Her program is one of the best programs which are coming on Masala channel.

Chef is famous in making Steaks, Cinnamon donuts, Strawberry cheese cakes pots, Aaloo Paneer pops. Women also try her famous dishes at home; her program is quite famous in public. She has won the hearts of food lovers. Her steaks make our mouth with water. Steak is the continental food which is tried by every food lovers at home. People also call her to ask the recipes of steaks.

Chef Rukaiya’s donuts are also very famous in women of Pakistan, donuts are quite expensive when we bring them from market, but it is cheaper to make them at home. Chef Rukaiya has solved our problem by making them in her program. Chef Rukaiya is an accomplished chef of Pakistan; she keeps the kitchen clean during cooking. This is the duty of chefs to keep the kitchen clean, while working in the kitchen.